Social Studies


Dear Friends and Family,

As part of my Social Studies unit in school, I am learning about the global village and what it means to be a good global citizen. Part of being a good global citizen is understanding the challenges facing the world today. However, instead of just learning about the issues that affect people around the world from our textbook, our class is taking action and making a REAL difference!

On June 12th, our class is taking part in the Komera Global Run. It is the second ever Komera Global Run in China with the very first being organized by last year's Grade 6's. We are running to raise money and awareness for the Komera Project. The Komera Project was created to assist girls who have the courage and desire to pursue secondary education, but lack the resources to do so. Many girls in Rwanda are expected to stay home and take care of the household duties. These girls have the ability to do great things but unfortunately do not have the opportunity because they are too poor. We believe that young women have the right to lead change in their community, to experience the joy of self-discovery, and to realize their potential. Educating girls has been proven to support economic development and health outcomes for women and their families.

Our class goal is to raise 12,000RMB to help provide Rwandan girls hope for the future through education.
Thanks to past Komera Project sponsors and donations, they now support the secondary education of 75 girls and have launched a comprehensive leadership incubator! Each girl receives a comprehensive scholarship package that includes tuition for boarding school, health insurance, as well as the personal and educational supplies needed to successfully achieve their academic goals. In addition to her schooling, each Komera scholar enters into a three year intensive program that provides her with additional services such as mentorship, leadership training, and social entrepreneurship training.

Please support us by sponsoring our class in the Komera Global Run with a donation to the Komera Project.

If you would like to donate, there are two ways you can send your donation:

1.) Online at:


2.) In person: You can reply back with the amount you would like to donate and I can arrange a convenient time to pick it up with my parents.

Please remember to email me back and let me know the donation amount so I can keep track of my donations and remember who to send a Thank You card to. J

With your donation, you can help make a difference by investing in the future leaders of Rwanda!

Mr. Ngo's Global Grade 6's