Language Arts

We will be focusing on LA a great deal this year, since almost all students are still English learners. We have LA for the first two blocks of every morning.

Every Monday morning, students will receive a new spelling list, usually containing about 20 words. Every Friday, students will be given a spelling test. Please remind your children to study, since having a larger vocabulary bank is one of the easiest ways for your child to improve their English.

Aside of spelling, we will be working on reading, writing, and speaking everyday, not only in LA, but cross-curricular. Students have a reading log that they will complete daily, and a writing book that they will write in at least twice a week. As for reading, we will be focusing on short stories this term in our textbook "Language Arts: Going The Distance". This textbook offers a variety of literature to engage students in exploring peoples thoughts, feelings, and experiences about setting goals and achieving them. By learning about how others strive for their personal best, they will have opportunities to learn about themselves.